Everyone has a story, mine is crazier than most! Since I was 5 years old, my family has been on the move. I’ve lived in Michigan, Japan, Detroit, Los Angeles, Texas, Newport Beach, Maine, Austria for one summer, San Francisco, Italy for a semester, my parents in Germany and Hungary, a few other areas in limbo, and now I live in Upstate New York with my wonderful husband (#armywifelife) and beautiful daughter. We have a White German Shephard named Chief (#doglover). Travel has always been a part of my life and I hope that never changes! That’s why I combined my love of passionate love and new adventures to become your photographer! I’m always prepared to go the extra mile when my bride is in need. When you book with me, you can be 100% confident that you’ll be in good hands from the moment we connect. It’s my mission and passion to capture your unique love story one click at a time. If you think your love story tops the charts, send me an email and let's see!

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If you take pictures with me, we will not only become friends, but I will do everything I can to make you feel comfy and cozy. I will spoil you with love and excitement and be the honorary bridesmaid you never knew you needed. I even send you personalized treats when you book with me that will help you on your wedding day and after you're MARRIED! I bring my handy bride SOS-kit on the big day. I'll help you plan your timeline and give you the best vendor recommendations in town. I want this to be simple and smooth so you can spend your time doing what you want most, being in LOVE!

Let's get one thing straight...

Are you already feeling every emotion possible when you think about your wedding day? Trust me, I get it! This is easily one of the most exciting days of your life and let’s not even talk about all the planning that goes into making it absolutely perfect. You caught me, I’m a sucker for all things love! I care so much about making this day feel like a dream for you and we haven’t even met yet. Let me be the person you can lean on to make sure all of your planning goes smoothly before, during, and even after your big day is a success. This day is an experience, I’m simply here to capture every second of it!

I'm more than just your wedding photographer, hunny I'm your go-to gal!

the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow

You deserve to be spoiled; after all, it's your big day!

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